Nick Alexander


Unity3D + Photogrammetry

Created using broken point clouds (computer-generated 3D scans of actual spaces rendered as clusters of points) of once-thriving public spaces, Simular is a meditation on the spaces that are lost to us during the pandemic. As the viewer moves through a ghostly world, they will be treated to glimpses of familiar locations made alien. Fourteen iconic Toronto locations – one for each day of The Next Fourteen Days – are reimagined as abstract geometry, and a new liminal space emerges.

The ephemerality, hyperrealism, and unspoken danger of moving about in public space during COVID-19 is captured in warped renditions of these familiar sites. Digital scans of public locations, once teeming with people, are rendered as point clouds, affording a disembodied exploration of geography that never was.

Simular explores the loneliness of isolation, with a bittersweet juxtaposition of the familiar with the harsh unreality of the point cloud. We will emerge from quarantine with a new perspective on public space; Simular highlights this change of perspective by forcing the viewer to confront the real in an unreal way.


Simular was produced as part of the Next 14 Days grant from OCAD University X Kolab Project