Nick Alexander

I am a multidisciplinary design strategist and team lead. With an unwavering passion for future-forward human-centric design and innovation, I build world class experiences that challenge the status quo.

What I Do

Human-Centered Design

I design and deliver rich, human-centered experiences for all kinds of digital products, from artificial intelligence agents to immersive room-scale installations.

Team Leadership

As a human-centered design strategist and team lead, mentor and coach, I lead diverse teams of designers and developers to deliver bleeding-edge interactive experiences.

Strategy Design

I design winning strategies by helping businesses identify the right conditions, achieve understanding, and create clear, actionable paths to the right choices - always with a human-centered lens.

Emerging Technology

With my unique training, experience, and proven track record, I'm a specialist in designing for new technologies - whether it's AR, Metaverse, AI, or the next big thing.