Volumetric Sanskrit

Volumetric Sanskrit Archive uses contemporary digital media technologies to reincarnate the ancient Sanskrit language. It uses an ancient Sanskrit verse as a subject, and within the narrative in which the piece is set, as a subject for preservation. In addition to speech, gestural performance is used to capture the essence and meaning of the archived verse.



In order to activate Indian traditional art at every level this artefact was created in collaboration with Kathak performer, Tanveer Alam, who choreographed and performed several dances to the spoken verse. This second iteration with Alam was filmed in a studio setting. Volumetric data of Alam’s performance was exported from Depthkit to key out the background elements and the footage was brought into Unity3D.


A Sanskrit verse is visualised through gestural performance from the Indian classical dance style, “Kathak” by a performer and rendered using volumetric video in virtual reality. This experience is interactive, reacting to the viewer’s movement.