Stryker Virtual Experience

Prior to COVID, Stryker's Acute Care division would bring prospective customers on a VIP visit to their manufacturing facility, where they would get to see their products built and experience the client's impeccable culture. COVID closures made this impossible.

The client came with a wicked problem: how could they continue to have exclusive, intimate, informative VIP meetings in a digital setting that allowed for the same kind of product demonstration and face-to-face connection as the pre-COVID visits?

First, Nick led a workshop to explore the pre-COVID VIP visit process. In addition to gathering important information about KPIs, this workshop identified some key gaps, such as the need for analytics and an integration with the client's CRM.

Next, Nick called in stakeholders to collaborate on a shared vision for the product. Through this workshop, the stakeholders all came to the same understanding for what the final product would be, and all felt that they had some ownership and collaboration in forming that vision.

A brief workshop with stakeholders identified key touchpoints in the process, and highlighted important areas of focus for the design team as they expanded on the service design's blueprint.

Stakeholder and user research led to the establishment of user personas, which were especially valuable as this was not a conventional B2C - or even B2B - product.

An analysis of some similar products helped to identify what had been done well by competitors or similar products, and what did not work well and ought to be avoided.

Rough sketch outline of the product based on insights from the initial discovery sessions.


COVID presented a wicked problem for Stryker. This case study reviews how Nick established trust with a series of design workshops and designed an innovative solution that revolutionized the way the client did business in an industry decimated by the pandemic.