TELUS IoT Console

TELUS had a bold new idea: a friendly, accessible console to help enterprise customers manage their IoT services without needing to call or manage complex code. Nick was the Lead Designer, Team Lead, and Design SME, responsible for the top-to-bottom creation of this innovative, first-to-market solution.

First, after interviewing stakeholders and establishing business requirements, Nick sketched out a task flow of all the required moments on the customer's journey.

Then, after validating the task flow with stakeholders and solution architects, Nick sketched the whole service blueprint. Here touchpoints for customers as well as behind-the-scenes users on the client side were established and their requirements fleshed out.

With the requirements firmly established, Nick sketched grey box wireframes to explore function and flow. From an iterative process of testing and refining, the final high-fidelity screens emerged.


An innovative first-to-market application for managing IoT services at the enterprise level, Nick led research and design on this industry-shaking undertaking.